Payroll Software for your Business Needs.

Save time on your Payroll Tasks. Maintain your employees’ trust and confidence by giving them accurate payslips on time.


Only available in Nigeria (NG).


Innovative Payroll System

Turn your payroll chaos into order. Our innovative payroll calculations help you to process pay runs seamlessly.


People Management

Seamlessly manage your employees with Zirapayroll


Employee Benefits

Zirapayroll allows you to setup custom leave policies, benefits / compensation plans for your employees.


Centralized Management

You can seamlessly access and organize your employees' records from one secure place.


Attendance Policy

Setup Attendance Policies for your Organization.


eLeave System

Offer casual leaves, sick leaves, etc to your Employees. Setup Leave Policies. Schedule Employee Leaves within a time-frame.


Offer Loans to Employees

Offer Loans to your Employees with or without Interests. Zirapayroll has a built-in automated Loan Recovery System.

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Streamlined employee self-service

Reduce your payroll costs and data entry efforts by delegating routine document tasks to your employees. Employees can do things on their own from the client portal.

Fine tune admin privileges

Invite your qualified staff to process payroll but maintain control with custom user roles and role-based access.

Transition your Manual Payroll Tasks to Automated & Digitized System.

Easy to Use

Zirapayroll makes it easy and simple to calculate Tax and Pension contributions.

Regulations Update

Stay upto date with Laws & Regular. Enjoy regular updates and intuitive features on Zirapayroll.



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Overall Employees


Salaries Processed

Pay Less. Get More Value.

Our pricing is transparent, simple and adapts to the size of your company. Both Small, Medium and Enterprise (SMEs) organizations.

Standard Fee

Gain complete access. Enjoy all premium features.


/employee/month (billed annually)

  • Payslip Management
  • Staff Management
  • Employee Attendance
  • Process Leaves, Setup Leave Policies
  • Offer Loans to Employees (with a built-in loan recovery system)
  • Payroll Reports (access PAYE reports, pensions, etc.)
  • Streamlined Employee Self-service
  • TAX & Pensions
  • Fine Tune and customizable Admin Privileges
  • Payroll Automation: Automatically Schedule / Run Payroll
  • Multiple Compensation / Payslip Structuring
  • Attendance Policy and Conditioning
  • Customizable Tax Rates and Pension Contributions
  • Customizable Allowances
  • Staff exit: Easily retire / resign employees
  • Can accommodate companies with Multiple branches.
  • Can accommodate business owners with multiple businesses.
  • Complete Control of your Payroll Account
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Many more features


*Enjoy the fairest Pricing Model (Pay As You Go)
*Prices are exclusive of TAX
*Only available in Nigeria.

We offer customized pricing plans for enterprise customers with over 1,000 employees tailored to their specific needs.

Contact us to discuss your pricing options and receive a personalised quote.


Most asked questions.

We have the most answers you're looking for, in more ways than one.

When a business is starting up, there are a lot of high-priority tasks that need attention. Zirapayroll software saves precious time of the management and the HR teams by automating employee salary calculation and disbursement. Zirapayroll is also a cost-effective option for startups as it ensures effective management of HR activities at a reasonable cost. It also ensures that the business complies with all the legal and statutory rules.

Yes. Fill the Demo Request form and we will be in touch with you within minutes. Both our demo, free-trial and paid version comes with unrestricted access to all features of Zirapayroll.

There are no maximum number of employees you can use with Zirapayroll.

Absolutely, yes. Our price is capped at just N500k. Which means that if you have over 200 employees you'll eligible for our Unlimited Employees Plan and can't be charged for more than N500k

Definitely! Zirapayroll can accommodate your multiple branches. However, to create a new branch, you must pay a one-time fee of N1,000.

No. You only pay for active employees especially during your renewal period.

We secure your payroll data with 256-bit SSL encryption, Brute-Force, regular intrusion/virus detection and prevention scanning.

We accept payments via Verve, Visa and MasterCard. We also accept Bank transfers for the yearly plan. Our Payments are secured by Paystack

Payroll made in Nigeria, for Nigerian Businesses.